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The Finest San Jose Professional Disinfecting & Sanitation Pros


If you are a commercial property owner in the San Jose area and need professional disinfecting and sanitation services, our pressure washing team at Golden State Pressure Washing is here for you. Commercial properties can accumulate a number of contaminants and dirt, but they are especially vulnerable to mold formation. Mold can grow anywhere, and it makes surfaces sticky and unsightly. It can also have health impacts on those who are exposed to it. In order to prevent this fungus from spreading, you need a professional disinfecting and sanitation service that is equipped for the task. Our team of professionals is ready to tackle any commercial surface imaginable. With a high-pressure water system, we can make virtually any surface mold-free, and we offer this maintenance solution to businesses throughout the San Jose area.

Our San Jose pressure washing service crew is fully equipped with the proper tools to make sure all of your surfaces are extensively cleaned. We have a heavy-duty, industrial-grade pressure washer that is capable of professional disinfecting and sanitation and will safely blast dirt and debris away. Keeping your establishment contaminant-free is imperative for any store owner. Visitors touch various areas of your store's exterior and can easily catch and transmit disease if your store is contaminated. With our storefront washing services, business owners can trust that the entirety of their building is clean from top to bottom. Golden State Pressure Washing is professional and reliable. We have the knowledge and expertise to tackle any disinfecting and sanitation project, however big or small. We even offer free estimates!

Exterior Surface Sanitizing

If your property requires exterior surface sanitizing, our pressure washing team can efficiently deliver this service for you. Exterior surfaces can be a breeding ground for mold as well as other allergens and sanitizing removes these health hazards, making sure you and your visitors have a healthy place to work and shop. Also, the pressure washing team at Golden State Pressure Washing doesn't use any chemicals that leave harmful residues behind. Instead of using these hazardous chemicals, which can pollute our local waterways and harm green spaces -- we rely on the utilization of recycled water in order to optimize our efforts in safeguarding mother nature. Make sure your commercial property looks great and is in the best possible condition by providing your business with the best professional disinfecting and sanitation service in San Jose.



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