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Roof cleaning

When was the last time you pressure washed your roof? If you're not sure, it may be time to schedule a quick roof cleaning! Like gutter cleaning, pressure washing your roof is a great way to maintain the exterior of homes. However, today, many more benefits come with pressure washing and cleaning your roof than just an aesthetic look. Here are three benefits of pressure washing the roof of your home or business.

3 Ways Pressure Washing Can Help

  1. Removal of harmful material - Pressure washing helps you remove harmful elements that can be on your roof, like mold. Mold, mildew, and algae are not only unattractive but can cause harm to the health of your family and loved ones, especially if prolonged exposure occurs. Pressure washing your roof will allow you to remove material that can be toxic to your family and home and extend the life of your painted shingles by removing old paint from the surface, reducing the chance of dirt buildup.
  2. Removes debris - Pressure washing services easily remove rocks, twigs, debris, and other harmful elements on the roof. Dirt is a major factor in sustaining rust or corrosion that is caused by water soaking into the exterior of a home or building. By removing debris from your roof, you ensure that water will not be able to soak into the surface of your building and creates a barrier between the shingles and the exterior of your home.
  3. Deters animals - A clean roof is a safe roof. Animals (rats, mice and squirrels) can often access a roof that has been neglected in the past. This can cause damage to your home or business. A clean, treated roof will prevent animals from gaining access.

A Clean Roof Will Offer You Peace Of Mind

By removing any harmful elements, you eliminate any worries about a leak, maintenance, or damage to your roof. When it comes time to sell your home or business, and you want to stand out from the rest, pressure washing will ensure that your home is visually appealing! Keep your home or business safe and increase the value of your property by learning more about our pressure washing and roof cleaning services in San Jose today!